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Ryan Gordon

Hi John,

My name is Ryan Gordon, I am the Assistant Superintendent at TPC Snoqualmie Ridge Golf Club in your area. First off, let me compliment you on your blog; it is apparent that you are very knowledgeable and passionate about birding here on the Ridge!

As you are probably aware, the golf course is a certified Audubon cooperative sanctuary. As a part of our certification, every two years we are up for recertification and our next recertification is this coming April. As a result, I am working on putting together some documentation to exhibit our environmental efforts here at TPCSR.

One of the criteria for our recerticication this year is to expand our environmental efforts by setting up and executing a case study on the golf course. Which brings me to my reason for contacting you: given your knowledge of birding on the ridge, I was hoping you would be interested in giving us some feedback/ideas for the direction we could go in in regards to the case study.

If this sounds appealing to you, I would love to arrange to meet with you and discuss this further. I am hearing impaired so the best way to contact me is through email: rgordon@brightstargolf.com or text messaging: 541.908.0574.

Thank you for your consideration!

Ryan Gordon

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