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October 18, 2011


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John Tubbs

Hi Catherine,

Thanks so much for your nice comments! I enjoyed meeting Tim - we have a lot in common with fishing, painting and geocaching, although I am focused so much on art these days that I haven't fished much over the last few years. The Snoqualmie Valley is a great place to bird, and it is great to see the swans, which are a success story - becoming more numerous each year. Most of the birds we get in the valley are Trumpeters, but there are also Tundra Swans mixed in with them on occasion. Thanks again for checking out the blog.


Catherine de Marin

Hi John

My partner Tim met you the other day on the river. Love your work. I've been sighting trumpeter swan every morning on the Tolt Hill Rd. before you get to the bridge going west from Carnation. They are sooooo magnificent. Really enjoy your work!



Hi John,
I just showed Mom some of your paintings and she is as impressed as I am. Well Done! With Aloha from Hawaii.

Rebecca Tripp

Hey! My name is Rebecca Tripp, and I'm a composer. I'm currently working on a big musical project called "Flower Waltzes". I'm creating waltzes for many different types of flowers. I am planning to make a series of slideshow videos with my music, featuring many beautiful pieces of art from loving and inspired artists, and I was hoping to feature one or more of your pieces. I will not be making any money off this, and if you say yes, I will be sure to credit you, link to your page and let you know as soon as the video(s) are done so that you can see them. Here is a link to some of my flower music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0v_Sloq5hus&feature=plcp
What do you say?

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