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October 18, 2010


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John Tubbs

Hi Scott,

Thanks for looking at my sketches - I like the cougar sketch as well. Mostly these days I am doing landscapes (in oil) and sketches of birds in dry media and gouache, but occasionally I still try my hand at other critters. Listened to some of your music on your blog - good stuff. I've played various instruments in bluegrass bands since the 70's, plus did a couple electric bass stints in rockabilly and classic rock bands in the mid-80's, but since about 1990 it's been pretty much only mandolin. For the last ten years I've been in an acoustic roots/bluegrassy/folky trio called Down The Road (www.downtheroadband.com). Two guitars, me on the mando, and duet or trio harmonies depending on the song. Good luck with your music and your tours.

Scott Hamilton

Hi John! Nice Cougar - I used the image on my website: http://cougarsinamerica.blogspot.com . Usually I just pilfer images randomly from the internet to go along with whatever I'm posting about, but this one was so nice so I linked through to your blog, too. Hope it's OK with you! Let me know if not and I'll take it down. Otherwise, I see you're into the mandolin - I'm headed out west on a folk tour so maybe I'll have the chance to hear if that's as nice as your painting sometime in the not so distant future! All the best. Scott

John Tubbs

Hi Fred. Thanks for taking the time to check out my site here. I agree about using more value contrast and shadows in a number of the sketches. With the birds in particular, I've been focusing very hard on getting the overall structure and field marks as accurate as possible in as short a period of time as I can - with the ultimate goal being to be able to do good bird sketches from life. The results would be stronger if I paid more attention to shade and shadows. Thanks again for looking and for the comments! See you on WetCanvas, which is a wonderful site.

Fred Cappello

Hi Mr. Tubbs. Thanks for commenting on my WC birds and I saw a link to your work so here I am. Looks like you are working hard away at these wonderful creations. I can't think of a better way to spent an afternoon, either. Good luck with these and I would just like to add that I am hoping that you would work in some shade and shadow a bit. Like on the spider, horizontal shadows on the ground of the legs/ body. Sometimes, even if they are not there in the reference photo, they would be had it been taken under better lighting. Blinkblink.

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